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I have a story to tell you.

I had so many incredibly heartwarming experiences this year at Shambhala. As it being my first year up, I had little info on what to expect the festival to be like besides the hearsay of what my friends who had gone in the previous years had told me.

What I found there was so much more amazing than anything words could describe. People were so wonderfully kind and loving towards one another. The appreciation for individuality and the respect that everybody had towards the space that they were in was astounding.

At one point I jumped in the river by muscle beach and to my dismay lost my glasses in perhaps the deepest and muddiest spot of that section of river. I can't see very well without glasses or contacts -especially- at night with bright lights. I spent almost 4 hours diving to the bottom of that river trying to find my glasses, someone offered me their goggles, to help in my quest, but in the end I failed and my glasses are still somewhere at the bottom of the Salmo riverbed.

I was emotionally distraught. I couldn't see anything and with two more days to go and a car that I couldn't drive home without proper vision I was royally screwed. There was a sunglasses booth in the merchant area that I dropped by to ask if, by any chance, they had anything prescription that I could buy. But, naturally, they didn't. Here I introduce Simon, the guy working at that sunglass booth. I told him about my predicament and coincidentally we had the same prescription. So Simon, in the middle of his shift took the time to walk 15 minutes all the way back to his car to give me his personal contacts and his contact case. Now I have never met Simon before in my life before this. Simon, I realize those were just a simple pair of contacts but that act of kindness meant so much more to me than that and I am so incredibly grateful for what you did. You rock.
Sometime late Sunday night I was hanging out with my friend by the porta-potties out by starlight and we struck up a conversation with them about life and music and whatever else was on our minds. They ended up giving us wish bracelets, mind you I've smoked a lot of weed and my memory is a bit shoddy but it came with a piece of paper that read something like this:

When you put on this bracelet
make a wish
and when this bracelet breaks in two
your wish will come true

My wish was to play at Shambhala Music Festival next year.
And so on I got back sometime Monday night/Tuesday early morning and I promptly sat down on my livingroom couch and wrote a track about my incredible experience. Thank you to everybody there, I couldn't be more grateful and happy to have kicked it with such amazing people.


released August 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Syke Vancouver, British Columbia

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